Dropshipping has become an ever growing ecommerce method that is driving crazy a lot of hot new young entrepreneur because of its low cost on investment and almost zero to none risk if everything crash and burn down.

I will give you a Top 5 Benefits List of this new business method and how to get on route to success when you decide to research about lauching your very own online store to test the water and take a bit of Dropshipping.

Here are the benefits of Dropshipping:

1. Risks, what Risks?
Imagine having your online store full of hot new products, loaded with an amazing payment system, a robust shipping distribution process and a streamlined support center ready to respond to any claim or client requests about their orders.

Dropshipping makes this possible, having your online store orders fullfilled directly by a wholesaler and shipped to the end client without any headache while you get the benefits of zero Risk because you don’t need to have a warehouse full of products or ship the orders yourself.

The Returning products process is managed by the wholesaler and you get a piece of every order made on your online store, so there is NOT RISK on any part of the whole process.

2. Hassle Free setup and maintenance.
You don’t have to enter the products one by one, which will make it too difficult to maintain the price updates, products description or availability, instead, you will get an automatic process that update and setup prices and any new information related to the products you sell online.

While the whole process is almost automatic, you will need to verify that the updates are applied correctly and check for prices corrections if ever needed.

3. Launch your Hobby Store and make money.
The whole Dropshipping method works perfectly for young men and women looking to be their own bosses and get extra cash from a product category they know and love.

A specialized (niche) online store can be launched to represent a market segment or niche, you may have a sport related store, a shoe store or a kitchen appliance store that covers an specific category and is a lot easier to managed than a multi-products property with thousands of daily sales. Your online store is scalable, you may choose to sell a few products on any given category and remove/add then when their sales are not representative.

While the whole process works behind the scene, the marketing and online promotion is important to attract new clients to your store, this has to be done by the online store owner and this is crucial to get a competitive advantage to your dropshipping rivals, which will be growing by the thousands every months.

I will have a Marketing article about the best way to market your online store on social networks and Google Ads.

4. Unlimited Growth
While We initially launch our Dropshipping-based Store as a hobby, this is not a hobby but a REAL BUSINESS with an incredible money-making potential that may be pointing to nice segment of the market, its growth potential will be determined by the combination of success achieved by investing time and money on aggressive marketing campaigns and getting excellent customers satisfaction reviews and recommendations from your clients.

This is not magic and won’t happen overnight an you will need to learn SEO or Search Engine Optimization techniques to attract more organic traffic to your site, Google Ads and regular product updates on social networks.

5. Thousands of hot new niches waiting
Dropshipping is setting the pace for new online stores and you may believe the market is too crowded to launch your very own, that’s not the case, wholesalers and suppliers have more than 150k product categories to choose from, just research which one fits perfectly on your job dream.

What will set your online store apart from the crow is how you design and market, how you respond to your clients and how you get traction on social networks by achieving an excellent costumers satisfaction on every sale.

Get involved, learn, research on your niche market, don’t invest any money until you know what product can have a money making potential or represent real a scalable option.

Need help on your store design or how to market it? Let’s me know.

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